Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas to everyone! It is a beautiful time of year for so many of us here at St. Matthew’s House. It is also a difficult time of the year for some of the people in our shelters and in our programs. For them, the holidays remind them just how alone they are. People come to us without hope, broken, and hurt. The St. Matthew’s House family of staff and volunteers sees this as an opportunity to show them love from a community and from God—a type of love they may not have known before.

At all of our thrift stores in Southwest Florida, we have giving trees where shoppers can make their Christmas purchases and give back directly to the mission of St. Matthew’s House.  You might already be familiar with our unique promise—100% of your gift goes directly to our programs. If you would like to help, please choose one of the items below from our digital Christmas tree.  Your contribution literally changes lives.

Merry Christmas!

Vann Ellison
President and CEO
St. Matthew’s House

100% of Your Gift Goes to Life-Changing Programs

As a 501(c)(3), our 100% donation model allows all of our operating expenses to be covered by unique social enterprises – which enable us to direct 100% of all public donations toward our life-changing programs that continue to enrich countless lives in our community. Donations to this digital Christmas tree will be applied to the general donation fund at St. Matthew’s House.