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Justin’s Place Recovery & Wolfe Apartments

Justin’s Place Recovery Program

Long-term programs for men & women aimed to combat drug and alcohol abuse.


In 2010, St. Matthew’s House opened the doors to the Justin’s Place Recovery Program. Justin’s Place was launched in response to the need for long-term solutions for the struggles faced by our community’s most at-risk individuals. Our residential treatment facilities provide life’s essentials, so that struggling men and women can focus on recovery. On the renaming of the St. Matthew’s House Recovery Center to Justin’s Place:

Justin's Place, Just In Time, Justin's Place Recovery Program

Justin Holecek


“It is our honor to take part in renaming the St. Matthew’s House Recovery Center to ‘Justin’s Place’ in memory of our son, Justin Holecek. Justin graduated from St. John Neumann High School in 1997, and from the University of Florida in 2002. Our son was a good looking, intelligent young man with a wonderful personality, but suffered from the disease of alcoholism. After years of abuse, Justin died on September 18, 2009 at the age of 30. It is our prayer that Justin’s Place will provide recovery in a structured, spiritual manner to people who reach out with a strong desire for a new beginning and a life free of addiction.”

With Loving Memories,

Bruce and Jeri Holecek


In January of 2013, St. Matthew’s House launched the Justin’s Place Women’s Recovery program. The Justin’s Place Recovery Program for Women is offered as an effective community based solution to women struggling with substance abuse and addictions. The women’s program promotes family reunification and facilitates recovery in a way that doesn’t jeopardize already intact family units. By addressing addiction in a disciplined environment, individuals once again become independent and self-supportive members of society. This long-term residential program focuses on recovery longevity. Community transition, employment assistance, housing placement, and internship possibilities all yield ongoing success for those committed to lifelong changes.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 64% of the homeless population suffers from substance abuse. Addressing and overcoming these issues is essential in transitioning people from homeless to independent, productive members of society once again. Clients come to understand that rehabilitation is a long-term commitment. Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Justin’s Place is a one-year, Christian recovery program that incorporates the 12 Steps and their biblical comparisons. The Celebrate Recovery core curriculum is used to help clients overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Participation is voluntary and open to all men and women who want to change their lives.

There are three phases to Justin’s Place Recovery Program.

  • Phase I: For the first seven months – clients participate in an intensive regimen where personal accountability and community is key.

  • Phase II: For the next five months, clients move into long-term transitional housing and begin working at one of our social enterprises to prepare them for the final phase. In this phase, the clients are taught the balance between work and recovery and learn life skills.
  • Phase III: For up to the next two years, clients use the life skills they have acquired while staying in a safe environment. The goal is to maintain accountability while transitioning into an independent lifestyle.

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For more information about the Justin’s Place Recovery Program for Men, please contact Joel at 239-774-0500 x107 or joel@stmatthewshouse.org. For more information about the Justin’s Place Recovery Program for Women, please contact Cassie Morgenson at 239-774-0500 x261 or CMorgenson@Stmatthewshouse.org.

Wolfe Apartments

Wolfe Apartments | Matthew's House - Naples, FLThe 46-unit transitional housing complex provides a drug and alcohol-free structured community with guidance and support from on-site staff.

Wolfe Apartments is a residence for the Justin’s Place Recovery Program male clients who are in Phase II and Phase III, as well as those who have graduated (for up to 2 years). It also serves the community’s homeless by providing an opportunity to transition from a hopeless to a hopeful future and learn to be self-sufficient in an affordable and supportive environment.

Wolfe Apartments, together with participation in the Justin’s Place Recovery Program, has a 90% success rate in re-engaging in a self-sufficient lifestyle among those who remain in our 2-year residential program.

The property was named after Catherine Wolfe, who gifted St. Matthew’s House the land on which the apartments were built in the Golden Gate City area of Naples.

For more information about Wolfe Apartments, please call (239) 353-8746.