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Mission Statement

To change lives in a spiritual environment that is both compassionate and disciplined, as well as provide housing for the homeless and food for the needy.

Image: Staff and Residents Together | St. Matthew's House - Naples, FL

Together We Transform Lives.

Years ago a group of devoted followers chose to act rather than watch their neighbors struggle. Today St. Matthew’s House continues that promise of action – providing the physical and emotional support to guide those hurting toward a renewed lifestyle.

Image: Food Kitchen | St. Matthew's House - Naples, FL

Serving Others

Last year we served 376,000+ hot meals and house 215+ people per night.

Image: Beautiful Child | St. Matthew's House - Naples, FL

The Power of Your Gift

Our unique donation model allows for 100% of all public gifts (your donations) to directly support our life changing programs and transform the lives of those we serve.

Thanks to the success of our social enterprises, we’re able to cover all of our administrative costs… allowing for every dollar and drop-off our public donors give to help save the lives of the vulnerable population that look to us for help.